Other names of the document: receipt, proof of payment, proof of payment, proof of payment, certificate of payment This document is an example of a receipt (also called a receipt or receipt) with which the person (individual, company or association) who received a payment confirms that it has been received. It allows the payer to keep proof of payment in order to assert his rights later (e.g. in case of non-delivery, refund request, etc.). Any payment of wages entails the establishment of a pay slip, the acceptance of which cannot be interpreted as a waiver by the employee of the payment of the sums due to him and which do not appear therein. The receipt must be signed by the person who collected the payment and acknowledge receipt. A signed original is given to the payer by any means (delivered in person, simply or by registered mail, email, etc.). Other names for the document: Certificate of receipt of money, Certificate of receipt of cash, Certificate of receipt of cash, Certificate of receipt of payment Pay slips are delivered electronically, unless expressly opposed by the employee. Note: The receipt should not be confused with an invoice. The invoice is an accounting document that a company uses to inform its customer of the details and price of goods sold or services rendered in order to demand payment. The receipt simply certifies that one person received something or money from another. Note: The receipt should not be confused with an admission of guilt.

An IOU is the document by which a person or business acknowledges having to pay a sum of money to another person, while the receipt is the document by which a person certifies that he or she has received an amount or thing from another. A receipt can be used to prove that the person to whom a debt has been acknowledged has actually received payment of that debt. Note – the receipt should not be confused with: The following person is designated as the controller of employees` personal data: ____. He can be reached as follows: 22 2528222 8222552 528822555 22522 8258 5282582 528 528582528 52 85 888822 22588582 52885522 52 8`52282552 55 8585582 2255 8`25258882 52 822 2558588. It is brought to the attention of the employee that the employer communicates through the nominative social declaration (DSN) the data used for the calculation of the salary and any other event that he must declare in this way, such as work stoppages or the possible termination of the contract. This contract is also automatically suspended or terminated without compensation of any kind in all cases of force majeure, as recognized by case law. A receipt is a document by which a person confirms that they have received an item or money from another person. The receipt serves as proof that the transfer took place. Model letters and contracts in the United States.

This amendment is therefore drafted to take into account the modification of the employment contract in relation to the role of the employee. The initial employment contract remains unchanged in its other clauses, in particular with regard to the obligations of each of the parties. This contract is concluded for an indefinite period. The usual place of work is specified at the following address: Done at ____. The length of the notice period depends on the seniority of the employee. The notice period may not exceed 6 months. This variable remuneration is paid under the same conditions as the fixed remuneration. The Data Protection Officer can be contacted as follows: If the fixed-term contract is terminated during the first half of the contract, the employer may choose between observing a notice period or paying severance pay to the employee.

The employer may also decide to terminate this contract in the event of serious misconduct on the part of the employee. The grounds for dismissal must be based on a real and serious reason. ARTICLE X: PROTECTION OF EMPLOYEES` PERSONAL DATA. has. Right to information, rectification and erasure e. V. Right to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority This interview is also systematically offered to the employee, who resumes his activity as follows: The employee is allocated vacation days, regardless of the modalities of weekly, monthly or annual working hours, in accordance with the law. The reference period for taking into account days of leave shall be from 1 June of the previous year to 31 May of the current year.