(c) Timely settlement of all monies and assets received in which the Customer has, may have or should have had an interest. (3) `brokerage contract` means a contract for intermediary services to be provided to one person in exchange for remuneration or the right to compensation of another person; E. In the case of dual representation, the contracting authority and the licensee shall have only actual knowledge and information. There is no attribution of knowledge or information among or between clients, brokers or their affiliated licensees. The sub-agency may only be established by written agreement. A licensee will not be deemed to be a sub-agent of a client or any other broker solely by virtue of its membership or other affiliation with a multiple registration service or similar source of information. An “agent” relationship is a voluntary legal relationship in which a real estate licensee (the “Agent”) agrees to act on behalf of a buyer or seller (the “Client”) in connection with a real estate transaction. Oregon law provides for three types of agency relationships between real estate agents and their clients: The agency real estate brochure law is a summary of Washington State law regarding broker-utility relations. The brochure also details the duties of a broker, seller`s agent, buyer`s agent, double agent, and more. (14) `content-related contact` means the time of each conversation at which confidential information is requested or received; This includes the consumer`s particular financial qualifications or the purposes or purposes for which the consumer may disclose confidential, personal or financial information that, if disclosed to the other party to the transaction, could affect the party`s negotiating position. This includes all electronic contacts, e-mails or any other form of electronic transmission.

D. No cause of action may arise on behalf of a person against a double agent for making disclosures that are permitted or required under this section, and the double agent shall not terminate any business relationship by making the disclosures permitted or required. Notwithstanding the provisions of articles 2985 to 3032 of the Civil Code or other legal provisions, a Licensee involved in a Real Estate Transaction is deemed to be the representative of the person with whom he collaborates as designated agent, unless there is a written agreement between the Broker and the person providing that another relationship exists or that the Licensee performs ministerial acts only on behalf of that person. (7) “Customer” means a person who is not represented by a Licensee, but for whom the Licensee performs official acts. Subsection 696.815(1) of the ORC authorizes a real estate licensee to represent both the seller and the buyer in a real estate transaction under a disclosed limited liability agency agreement, provided that the relationship is fully disclosed under the contract. The Oregon Bylaws (OAR) issued by the Agency contain the form and content of disclosures and the accompanying brochure. RAO 863-015-0215 is listed below for the convenience of licensees. Material after the broken line can be copied and used as the agency`s initial disclosure brochure.

When different agents associated with the same real estate company establish agency relationships with different parties to the same transaction, only the prime broker (the broker who supervises the other agents) acts as the disclosed limited agent for the buyer and seller. The other representatives shall continue to represent only the party with whom the intermediary already has an agency relationship, unless all parties agree otherwise in writing. The supervising principal broker and agents representing the seller or buyer have the following obligations to their clients: (i) show a person through a property sold by an owner in his own name. We recommend that you discuss the above information with the agent who will provide you with this brochure. If you intend to ask this agent or another Oregon real estate agent to represent you as a selling agent, buyer`s agent, or disclosed limited agent, you should have a specific conversation with them about the nature and scope of the agency relationship. Whether you are a buyer or seller, you may not make a licensee your representative without their knowledge or consent, and an agent may not make you their client without your knowledge or consent. The payment or promise to pay remuneration to a broker is not decisive for the establishment of an agency relationship. (e) answer questions from persons entering a licensee`s office with respect to intermediary services offered or certain properties. Agency law is real estate law. They are provided here for informational purposes only. The Louisiana Real Estate Commission has no regulatory authority to enforce this law.

See Chapter 37 of the Commission`s Rules and Regulations and the Revised Louisiana Act 37:1467 for matters relating to bodies within the Commission`s regulatory authority. c) Organize an open house and answer a person`s questions about the property. (11) `licensee` means any person licensed by the Commission as a real estate vendor or sales representative; An agent acting under a limited liability disclosure agreement has the same obligations to the client as if the agent represented only one seller or buyer, except that the agent may not disclose the following without written authorization: (2) “broker” means any person authorized by the Louisiana Real Estate Commission as a real estate agent. F. Nothing in this Chapter or Chapter 17 of Title 37 shall be construed as requiring the Agency to disclose a lease for a term not exceeding three years that does not contemplate the sale of the asset to the lessee. (12) “ministerial acts” are those that a licensee may perform on behalf of a person and that are informational.